July 21, 2017
3 months and 2 days since
our celebration.
 Welcome to the 2017 Godette Family Reunion
The Godette Family Reunion Celebration is a three-day enriching event that is recognized as the most significant family activity we have to connect with seldom-seen family members, meet new ones and celebrate our heritage. This activity, like clockwork takes place on a specified day every two years for the purpose of keeping our extended family closer together. 

Our goal is to build a strong connected family by creating opportunities for every member to communicate and associate more fully.   Committed to this cause we are opening the doors of our website as a virtual community, so that everyone will have the opportunity to know and keep in touch with each other.  The Godette Family working together as one united entity have the power to be a vibrant desirable people.

I hope you find this website enjoyable and informative.
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